Aaron M. Wood

Teacher/Choreographer/Mixed-Media Designer

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I feel very fortunate to have dance as my medium of expression. I am a believer in human rights and equality for all. I believe that being an artist I am accountable to society by giving voice where voice has been muted. Through my experiences as a multi-medium artist, I have come to find that art is an integral part of the human spirit. As artists, we are storytellers. We share stories of community traditions, events, and identity. The arts, and in particular dance, gives us a sense of place. Dance provides moments of introspect and compassion. My works deal with themes of gender identification, objectification of the body, sexual orientation, and self-identity. I believe art grants a mutually shared experience of humanity and in this shared experience the human spirit is uncovered. It is from this experience that a conscious acknowledgment and appreciation of difference and similarity may be celebrated. Dance and advocacy are my passions and work simultaneously with one another; one can't help but to feed the other.

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News -

  • I am beyond excited to announce that I am a recipient of a Wyoming Arts Council 2022 Fellowship Award in Performance (Theatre and Dance). According to Wyoming Arts Council: "Fellowships are merit based awards to selected Wyoming artists based on their submitted portfolio of work that reflects serious and exceptional artistic investigation. Recipients each receive a $3,000 award and the opportunity to share their work with the community through support from the Wyoming Arts Council. Submissions are juried anonymously by jurors from outside the state with extensive backgrounds in each artistic area. The jurors for this year's Fellowships were... Kate Jopson and Kenzi Everitt for Performing Arts."
  • The time has come to pack my bags and move once more; this time I'm returning to Casper, WY where I have accepted a Dance Instructor/Choreographer position at Casper College. I'm returning home, returning to where I took my first dance class, returning to teach those who will be taking their first dance class. It's amazing how life works in circles. 
  • Along with premiering at the 2017 ISU Dance in Concert, my newest work "The Genius of the Crowd" will be presented at the 2017 ACDA Northwest Regional Conference in Eugene, OR. Check out the performance video here and photos here.
  • The essence of movement is change. With change brings new adventures, and I am excited to announce my newest adventure will be in Pocatello, ID at Idaho State University. I have accepted an opportunity as an Assistant Professor of Dance and am excited to be joining the ISU faculty. Check out this link for more information.
  • I will be taking my work "The Making of Me" to RADFest, in Kalamazoo, MI, in March 2016. I'm excited to share the stage with the other artists this festival has selected.
  • December 2015 - I presented my newest work “Echoing Terrain of Solitude.” This work incorporated video projection and an original sound score, alongside ten male dancers in an exploration of how masculine identity is shaped, created, and defined by Wyoming landscape.
  • My work titled "...and time ran out" premiered at the 2015 Northwest ACDA festival. This work involves seven dancers and explores lost memory of self. Check it out here.

Reviews -

"...in Aaron M. Wood’s 2007 The Making of Me, in which he interrupts a finely executed dance of the modern ilk by stripping off his shirt and pants before a projected text that contains a list of adjectives (“male,” “American,” “gay,” etc) that others use to describe and create him, juxtaposing his exposed body with words that suggest an anxiety over being understood, even as he notes in his text that these words both are and are not him, so please “choose [them] judiciously.”
- Irene Hsiao , Online Review, March 2016

A massive silken sheet represented contamination in the air as part of "Air Pollution and Inversion."
Aaron Wood beautifully manipulated his elegant movements in and around the gossamer pane of fabric, trying to avoid being overtaken.
- Melissa DeMoux, Deseret News, November 2011

"Watermark," by RDT alum Ford Evans, spoke to the ebb and flow of Utah's rivers, lakes and wetlands.
Guest dancer Sadie Carhart with the company's Aaron Wood instilled meaning into their individual parts.
It was a joy to see RDT dancers use their strength and abilities in this technically challenging work.
- Kathy Adams, Salt Lake Tribune, October 2010

Aaron Wood's lyrical "Appalachia Waltz" ... captured the audience's hearts through movement, color and sound.
- Scott Iwasaki,
Deseret News, November 2008

Dancer and choreographer Aaron Wood's "Appalachia waltz" is a well-constructed and emotion-filled moment within the otherwise frantic and silly performance.
- Kathy Adams, Salt Lake Tribune, November 2008